Official statement: Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia is postponed to 2022
Hello everybody, One more time and first of all, we want to thank you for all your support, trust and understanding during the past year. In the same way it has affected many other people, for us it has been the biggest blow of our lives since the festival was created. A terrible year in many ways, but you have been there with us, waiting for good news and supporting us. You have always been the best crowd in Spain and year after year you continue to show it. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! As expected and in view of the current situation, the 15th anniversary of Resurrection Fest will be postponed to 2022. Fortunately, we believe that this will be the final time. The light is finally seen at the end of the tunnel with the mass vaccinations and we hope that in the coming months we will return to normality. The 15th edition of Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia will take place from June 29 to July 2, 2022, our usual weekend in the recent years. For weeks, many of you have asked us if tickets can be kept for the next edition and, as it happened in 2020, all the tickets previously purchased (festival tickets, Resucamp…) will be valid next year without any further step from your side. If possible, we ask you to hold your tickets,so the festival can go ahead strongly next year and we can have the most epic edition in our history. The truth is that we thought the worst had already passed. But after two years without being able to celebrate festivals, many more months await ahead of us where we will not be able to return to work. In this pandemic, culture and the live music industry have been some of the worst off. We are talking about millionaire losses and many jobs throughout the year and during the event (almost 4,000 jobs combining direct and indirect ones), with an economic impact in the region and especially in Viveiro of more than 17 million euros in just one week. Being an independent festival with no one behind to keep the ship afloat makes this journey much more difficult. Luckily, last year you have shown your loyalty with a minimum amount of refunds, and we are confident this year you can help us again. Like last year, 2022 is looking very good and you can expect a lineup similar to the one we had in 2020 and 2021, keeping many of the bands and with new surprises. It will be one of the best lineups we’ve ever had, and we look forward to announcing it soon. We also have a great surprise for you this year, so stay tuned. If you cannot keep the ticket because you don’t know if you can come next year, but you want to help anyway, there will be available a platform where you will be able to resell your ticket in a secure way to those who have not been able to previously buy one because of the “sold-out” tickets. If you cannot come and you cannot wait, you can also request the refund without any problem. You have more details about it in the tickets section of our website. During these 15 years we have faced many obstacles and we have always been able to move forward thanks to you. We know that 2021 will be another year with our public and all the bad things will be left behind. We want to finish this statement with something that we also told you in the statement we posted last year: thank you once again for your support and understanding. Thanks to the fans, workers, bands, sponsors, public entities, the press, the people of Viveiro and everyone who makes the festival possible. Support music and culture in these difficult times. Together we can do it. See you in Viveiro! Resurrection Fest, 15 years of burning passion.